OSMPS Documentation

We provide two routes to get started with openMPS as we did for the first release (v1) with a quick start manual and an extended manual covering many details of the library. The detailed path includes for example the choice of the operating systems up to the extended examples for users starting with numerical methods as well as for developers which are interested in the actual description of a function.

The quick start manual leads you through the following chapters:

  1. Overview of Open Source MPS and this Manual
  2. Document Syntax
  3. Getting Help
  4. Obtaining/Modifying the Source Code (For Developers)
  5. Dependencies
  6. Building and installation
  7. Simulation Overview
  8. Acknowledgments and Citation

Where ever the Quick Start Manual deviates from the manual, we provide an additional link to the next Quick Start chapter at the begin and end of the chapter as here to start with the quick start manual: \longrightarrow Overview of Open Source MPS and this Manual.

The complete manual contains the following chapters:

Throughout the manual we provide external links for convenience. We are not responsible for any content, legality, etc for these external sites.

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