Acknowledgments and CitationΒΆ

We are grateful to all the alpha testers, including Arya Dhar, Aaron Glick, and David Vargas, from the Carr theoretical physics research group as well as those who provided useful feedback on the Open Source MPS project and the Open Source TEBD project.

Please cite the following paper if your publications involved simulations with openMPS:

  • M. L. Wall, and L. D. Carr; New. Journal of Physics 14, 125015 (2012) [WC12]

The following papers describe the openMPS package in more detail:

  • M. L. Wall, and L. D. Carr; Out-of-equilibrium dynamics with matrix product states [WC12]
      1. Wall, PhD thesis, Colorado School of Mines (2012)

Specific methods used in openMPS can be found here:

  • TEBD routines: PRA 60, 1956 (1999), [SS99]
  • TDVP: PRB 94, 165116 (2015), [HLO+16]
  • LRK: PRB 91, 165112 (2015), [ZMK+15]. For the calculation of the exponential we use methods from EXPOKIT [Sid98]

The following (incomplete) list contains papers using openMPS or using a library based on openMPS:

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