Obtaining/Modifying the Source CodeΒΆ

In some cases it is useful to obtain the source code instead of the most recent release. This is the case if you need small changes added after the most recent release or want to contribute developing OSMPS. If this is not the case at present, you may skip the remaining part of this chapter.

OSMPS was originally released open-source on Source Forge in March 2014. The previous link should direct you to the online repository which includes a discussion page outlining questions and errors encountered while developing MPS, in addition to the full repository where all the source code can be obtained. OSMPS has been beta-tested within the Carr Theoretical Physics Group; however, if you should find any bugs or areas to improve the code, please document the issues and contact the developers through the Source Forge repository.

To access and download the source code for OSMPS can be downloaded from file tab on Source Forge or by typing the following into a command line:

osmps@manual:~$ svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/openmps/code/ openmps-code

This will allow read only access of the code. This command does not require a username on SourceForge. If you have an account, you can access the code by copying the line found at the top of this webpage and entering it into the command line. If you have developer's access to the code you can access the code through the following command, replacing your given user name in place of all instances of USERNAME.

osmps@manual:~$ svn checkout --username=USERNAME svn+ssh://USERNAME@svn.code.sf.net/p/openmps/code/ openmps-code

After you edit the source and are ready to commit your changes, use

osmps@manual:~$ svn ci -m "Message describing the changes. -Initials"

One can also svn add/delete, etc. in a similar manner. A useful command is svn status, which shows which files in your current working directory have been modified with respect to the most recent svn version. Also svn diff filename gives a detailed report of the changes made to the file named filename with respect to the most recent svn version.